• Why is personal engagement sometimes difficult to achieve?

  • Why can trainees be so distracted during training?

  • ​Why is retention a problem for some attendees?

  • Why can client ROI be in question after training?

So HOW can you guarantee engagement BEFORE you start your training? See here


Personal engagement from participants taking your training can be difficult to obtain because your training STARTS from your mindset, but not necessarily from that of your participants.

Also, your participants may not immediately trust you enough. Or their interest level in what you are bringing may not be primed correctly.

Often times your trainees can be initially distracted by: 

  • Their own immediate pressures at work or personal lives

  • Their "smartphone-attention-span" (checking email, Facebook, etc.)

  • Their unfamiliarity with other attendees in your session

When engagement, mindset, trust, and interest levels are low and when personal pressures, short attention spans, and unfamiliarity are high, the trainer can experience:

  • Less control over retention levels

  • Less control over results 

  • Lower ROI for the paying clients

These issues can result in poorer performance for trainers and their well-designed content. ​

And these issues can be a poor reflection on you...