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Just like any professional assessment tool, Kickstart Cards is a professional training program designed to assists trainers, facilitators, and presenters in their practice to ignite, engage, and increase participation.

These are sold on a licensing basis where the participants use and keep the cards and the Signature Showcase as part of their personal/professional development. 

They are a consumable training tool and are not to be reused for repeated instructional purposes.

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©2021 Recalibrate Professional Development (Recalibrate, LLC) is the sole owner and distributor of Kickstart Cards.

The “Kickstart Cards” name, the card design and variations of current and future cards, logo, website design and content, content on the cards, definitions on the cards, the design and name of the “Signature Showcase™,” the design of the perforated paper stock, the values card sorting method, any marketing material, any instructional device (including written or recorded training  material with audio or video,) or any other related elements (either direct or assumed) pertaining to this offering are trademarked and are the sole property of Recalibrate, LLC and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without expressed written consent from the owner. Violators will be prosecuted.

Signature Showcase is patent pending.